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I am now officially accepted at Bridgewater College as a part of the class of 2012.

So, I'm not a total waste of potential money. just kidding. lol.

I like the Game Show Network.

Once marching band is over, I am going to get re-certified in First Aid and Preventing Disease Transmission (both of my certifications are expired) and CPR (I have another year on that one but they went and changed it on me.) Additionally, I am going to get back into shape and put together my general emergency services gear because I want to be ground team certified before I have to leave for college next summer and I am also considering Hawk Mountain.
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congrats! was that college your first choice??
I hope you mean Bridgewater and not Bridgewater State.. if you mean State, the one in Mass... DON'T GO THERE. Just don't.. otherwise.. go for it if you want to! haha...
yeah its Brigewater College in Bridgewater, Virginia (about 20 minutes from Harrisonburg which is where James Madison University is)
ah ok.. thats much better!!
...What is your first choice (cough westpoint cough)? and what are you majoring in? I feel like history, but I can't be sure...
no my first choice is probably Hood College in Maryland. as for intended major, Political Science but with a strong minor in History.
Congrats on college

and if you can, please let me know when those classes are to get recertified for thsoe things because I'd like to go get certified in First Aid and certified in CPR. Technically I'm certified in CPR for children according to one of the Red Cross classes I went to.

and congrats, again on college. Have fun with the History minor. History's awesome.