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2749. 343. 23. 37. 20.

18 June
Hey. I'm Jon. 11th grade at WVW High School in Plymouth. Will be commissioned as an officer in the United States Navy. Will serve as a Naval Surface Warfare Officer, preferably in the real navy (destroyers, cruisers, frigates). Cadet Second Lieutenant in Civil Air Patrol. Mellophone in marching band. F Horn in concert band. Musical Production is the greatest thing I have ever done, next to every other thing I have done with those people. Those people are the musical, not the other way around or any other way around, and like it or not, those people are what the school is. My music - the real kind.

quotes - "Art is everywhere. It can be found in life, in music, in death." "The best poetry was not written by a poet. The best poetry was written by a person, a friend."

"History will always tell of your predecessors' and of your own exploits."

ALL IM GONNA SAY, IS WN. no. ALL IM GONNA SAY :) and <3!!!!!